7th Seal Mystery School – Gnostic Mystic Integration

June 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sedona Sacred Temple Space
90 Concord

The Gnostic Mystic – 7th Seal Mystery School

The Hidden Wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools is a deep part of our existence.

The 7th Seal Mystery School gives a complete understanding of the Key Codes and Language of Light, delivering Activations of Inner Sacred Wisdom and Increased Synchronicity. This is the first time this material will be shared in a public venue. This information is 5D encoded and accelerates ascension and the awakening of higher consciousness. The Light Codes in the material and the 7th Seal (Activator) infuses and invigorates your life.  We will be using the activation tool at each gathering.

We will also get exposed to many truths about ancient light codes and frequencies, along with hidden wisdom about the Great Pyramids, the alignment to the constellation of Orion, the Golden Gate, the Germain Code, the Lost Keys, the Divine Source Codes and the Light Codes inherent in the 7th Seal.

We will be disclosing the truth about what is hidden in the King James Bible, the secrets of St. Germain, the wisdom of the Gnostic Scriptures and how and why the Great Pyramids of Egypt are Aligned with the constellation of Orion. We will also be unveiling the Heart and Mind Unification Codes, evidence of a Golden Age and Activation of Divine Consciousness.

I am sure you are aware of the numbers that are flashing on the screen of your reality and  grabbing your attention.  Many are experiencing this phenomenon.  One might call them 11:11 synchronicities. Or 111,222,333,444 etc…  Signals which are visually and mentally stimulating.  These light codes are awakening higher levels of consciousness,  but are also multifaceted.  These number sequences are associated with frequencies along with correlations to sacred geometry.  These keys are also in association with zodiac mappings and constellations.
There are hidden messages that have been left in a variety of ways,  in images and in words that point to a greater understanding of a universal language and higher mathematics.
What if our English language was crafted in the transformation from Tudor English to Modern.  And in the final construction with the addition of one more letter,  a master cipher was created.  And when it was fully understood it revealed a master code and proof of a magic number science. Literally the one that Thoth describes in the Emerald Tablets!
Mathues has cracked this core code and has the cipher that reveals a profound and positive transformational missive for humanity.
 He has called it the Germain Code.  He has evidence that it was both Thoth and St.  Germain,  as one and the same,  who encoded these light keys into our DNA and Language.
Mathues,  as his higher self has been downloading and accessing his soul wisdom for over 20 years. Each time a major seal opens he has been able to receive more of the entire formula. When the 7th Seal opened on 11/22/17 he was shown it was time to cone out with the next phase of codes and content.
The body of material that makes up this sacred science is voluminous.  Brief introductory videos have been constructed to illustrate and depict the meaning,  insight and understanding of this meta number science.
Exposure to this content alone causes DNA upgrades and activations,  which in turn expand consciousness.

Find out more @ www.7sealcodes.com

This is an activation workshop. The cost to attend is $77.00.

PLEASE RSVP as we have limited seating.   Email Mathues @

germaintrust@gmail.com or txt @ 928 862 8002

Thank you and look forward to seeing you!

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