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WEfrequency is a 508c under Sacred Spirit Society.

The Core Team

Several of our team members are Pillars in the Community, who have been called here to Sedona to anchor and launch a City of Light or the Portal of Transformation.

Our Story

Many are being called here to assist in the Grand Awakening. When they arrive, we intend to be the welcome committee to assist the new comers to find their Tribe.  In addition, to providing a calendar of the Spiritual Events, Gatherings and Meetings that are bringing more unity to the community.



Meet the Team

Currently we are few, however we are individuals who have dedicated our time, energy and hearts to a vision that has been growing for some time now!

We want expand this team with like-minded hearts and souls!


Mathues Imhotep

Co-Founder & CEO

Mathues is the Author of the 7th Seal, Hidden Wisdom Unvieled, a Speaker, an IT specialist, Finance Consultant, Business Owner and Co-Host of Deep Disclosure and Lighten UP!

Check his material out at www.7sealcodes.com and www.youtube.com/mathuesimhotep


Magen Martinez

Co-Founder & President

 Magen Martinez is a fully conscious psychic medium who has worked exclusively with a group of humanitarians effecting positive change globally and bringing prosperity to humanity. She worked in the beauty industry for several years educating on people and planet friendly products and now teaches individuals to access their own spiritual gifts and improve their health through natural living. Magen is also an entrepreneur and with her partner she owns several businesses ranging from film production, new healing modalities and other disruptive technologies.

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