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Welcome New Arrivals / Meet Up

Every First Saturday.   See calendar below for location and time.

WE look forward to meeting you and networking you into our community!

Please RSVP via email or text.





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Our Gathering

This is our monthly gathering (every 22nd or 24th – check the calendar) where we share with each other what has been happening around transformation, expansion and ascension!

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Community Events

Our Calendar has listings of all the Spiritual things going on in the surrounding area.

You will find all sorts of events, workshops, gatherings, activations, healing cirles and sacred tours.

If you want to just list your function on the Calendar it is free! Contact Us!

If you want a page of information describing your event, we build that for you at a very reasonable price.

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The First City of Light

A beacon of light for all the world!

Many have been called to come to this amazing Red Rock Light Portal called Sedona. It is truly breath taking in beautiful and powerful with its vortex’s of transformation!

Our Community is expanding and evolving on a monthly basis.  Many have wonderful plans for Healing Centers and Activation Stations!

It is our hope that we can collaborate and co-create, assisting all to bring their piece or simple find their peace knowing they are embraced with love and acceptance. Together WE are the Frequency of Love!



Next Steps…

Become a member of the NEW SOCIETY! Help to Activate and Initiate the Golden Age, starting right here in Sedona!  Join the SACRED SPIRIT SOCIETY today!!!

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